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Stephen Cragg

Insurance Advisor
Investment Representative
Group Benefits Broker
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Blog Posts

Planning for Retirement

Retirement is a whole new stage in your life, and it should be on your terms. We can help you prepare and plan out every part.

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Grow your wealth by investing with a safety net

Segregated fund policies give you the freedom to invest while offering insurance protection to preserve your savings. With our choice of guarantees, you can expand your wealth and secure it at the same time.

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Term life insurance

Affordable coverage when you need it Life insurance doesn’t have to be a lifelong commitment. Term life is affordable coverage for your big expenses, so your loved ones are protected when it matters most.

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When should I refinance my mortgage?

Use your home equity to free up cash for your next major purchase or project Let’s say you own a home and would like to do some renovations to increase its value and improve your family’s quality of life. That could mean updating an aging kitchen, repairing some leaky plumbing or finishing a basement. Now, let’s say that, your money is tied up in investments you’d rather not touch, such as RESPs or RRSPs. One option is to use the re-financing option in your mortgage – a process known as a “re-fi”.

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What is personal insurance?

There are many types of insurance, but personal insurance is a contract that provides a binding guarantee that compensation will be paid in case of an injury, illness or death.

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How to make an impact with strategic charitable donations

Whether you give time, money or skills, using a strategy will make it count Charitable giving is good for you and good for your community – but can strategic charitable giving also be good for your financial plan? Whether your motivation is spiritual, personal or altruistic, you can make a greater impact by incorporating strategic giving into your budget and financial plan. Strategic giving means careful selection of a charity, then planning how you’ll make your contribution.

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Strategies to help you make the most of your savings

Imagine you have two saplings to plant. You carefully select a nice spot in your garden and plant them. Over time you pay attention to the one closest to the house; fertilizing and feeding the soil with plant food, watering it during dry times and carefully pruning it. The other you left to grow on its own still continues to grow, but doesn’t look quite as full and lush as the other tree.

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