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Managed Solutions

What are managed solutions?

Managed solutions are investment funds made up of a diverse mix of equity, fixed income, cash and other funds that make it easier to invest. Professional portfolio managers steer the fund through shifting market conditions and help protect against extreme market swings.

Explore the right managed solution for your needs

Target Risk Asset Allocation Funds

Simply choose the fund that matches your comfort with risk and get a diverse portfolio focused on providing returns within that risk profile.

View Target Risk Asset Allocation Funds

Canada Life Risk-Managed Portfolios

These all-in-one investment solutions strive to balance stability, income and growth to help protect your savings from market ups and downs – without sacrificing growth opportunities.

View Canada Life Risk-Managed Portfolios

Constellation Managed Portfolios

This program aligns your investments with your long- or short-term goals, which helps you understand how close you are to reaching them. This way you and your advisor can follow the progress and adjust your financial plan as needed.

View Constellation Managed Portfolios

Canada Life Sustainable Portfolios

All-in-one investment solutions designed to balance risk and returns while investing responsibly towards a more sustainable future.

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Canada Life Index ETF Portfolios

Simple, cost-effective, all-in-one investment solutions diversified across asset classes and global regions, with the added protection of segregated funds.

View Canada Life Index ETF Portfolios