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The value of financial security planning

It’s been said that a goal without a plan is just a dream. That’s particularly true when it comes to financial goals, where the ability to turn your dreams into reality begins with a financial security plan.

Did you know that 81 per cent of people who engage in financial planning feel on track with their finances compared to 44 per cent who say they do no planning at all?

Not only does financial security planning help provide a road map for a more financially secure future, taking more control over your financial destiny has also been shown to significantly improve your emotional well-being.

According to a nationwide study by the Financial Planning Standards Council, Canadians who engage in financial planning:

  • Worry less about money than Canadians with no financial plan
  • Feel they are better prepared to deal with unexpected financial emergencies
  • Are more able to enjoy annual vacations and the occasional splurge
  • Feel more confident that their loved ones will be financially secure in the event of their death*

What is a financial security plan?

Financial security planning is much more than just investing money today for a better future tomorrow.

In addition to retirement and estate planning, your financial security advisor will consider things like your current income and expenses, efficient tax strategies, and insurance needs to develop a plan that reflects your unique goals and ambitions. They will offer ongoing advice and will meet with you at your convenience to review your plan, or when there are significant changes in your life circumstances.

It’s never too soon to plan for tomorrow

Working with an advisor to create a plan is much easier than many people think. And financial security planning is not just for the wealthy or those who are already well-established in their professional lives.

Your financial circumstances and needs will change over time – from paying for your education and buying your first home, to saving for retirement and providing a secure future for your loved ones.

Why go it alone? Establishing a relationship with an advisor who can help you develop a tailor-made financial security plan means you’ll be more prepared to successfully navigate life’s ups and downs and still achieve your goals.

To review your financial goals or learn more about the benefits of financial security planning, call today. We will begin with a simple, yet effective 20 minute process that will help you identify your specific priorities.

* Financial Planning Standards Council, The Value of Financial Planning, 2012